Is Grunting Really Necessary?

You’ve certainly seen and heard them, those people at the gym who grunt really loud when they are working out – You might wonder, is that what I have to do to get a great workout? NO! Please don’t, unless of course you enjoy grunting, or it helps to motivate you. Instead, look for something […]

Habit Changing 101

We live in a world of instant fixes. Extreme Makeovers, for our homes, bodies and cars. We want the magic pill, and we want it now. The problem with being addicted to black and white thinking and extreme solutions, is that in our quest for every thing, we forget that the little things matter. Tiny […]

The Two letter word that is keeping you stuck

Don't Stop what you're doing

You hear it all the time- I remind my clients of this all the time, (I remind myself too!) “You have to know how to say ‘no’.” Kindly. Firmly. As a complete sentence. This works when you are trying to regain balance in your life, or to just begin to get a handle on the […]

Core Strength + Great Posture = Energy

How you carry your body determines a lot when it comes to your energy. Great posture means your body can move as it was designed to move, rather than fighting against un-natural positioning. This video gives you three great moves to tap into your core strength. Go through the whole video, working up to 2-3 […]

The Daily Cleanse

Leave Empty to Clean

You  hear about cleanses all time the time. Maybe you’ve done them, maybe you shun them. Maybe you think it’s a good idea, and that “one of these days you’ll get around to it”. I’ve seen people get great results from cleanses. I’ve seen pounds come off, mental fog clear, and skin and eyes radiate […]

90 Seconds is all is takes…

I’m sure you’ve had some version of this happen to you. You are sitting there, getting through your inbox, when you open an email from someone lashing out. They’ve got a bone to pick, and you’re on the receiving end. You feel the heat rising in your face, you feel steam beginning to plume  out […]

Two Simple Steps to Massive Productivity

“How did it get so late so soon?” ~ Dr Seuss Time slips through our fingers, it’s elusive and elastic.  What we do in our minutes determines what gets done in our days, which shapes our months, our years, and of course, our lives. How to use your precious minutes wisely Step 1 : Do […]

Why Summer doesn’t have to end

Labor Day tells us Summer is officially over. Does it have to be? Summer makes us think of warm weather,  long evenings spent outside, trips to the beach or pool, bbqs and overall, less stress. The weather outside may begin to shift to a cooler temperature, but you can keep your insides warm with these […]

TMI and taking action

Okay, wow!  If you’ve spent more than a minute on the internet, you know that there are no fewer than 6,000 ‘proven’ ways to (insert anything here)… It’s enough to make you feel like you better do some more research before you commit to actually doing anything. And that, right there, just may be what’s […]

Setting the pace

Watching the Olympics was inspiring. Seeing new records for speed and strength; as well as heartbreaking falls and courageous acts of sportmanship. One of the most remarkable races I watched was the 15 year old(!!) American swimmer Katie Ledecky set the pace for the 800 m freestyle.  She went so incredibly fast- the entire time. […]