Is Grunting Really Necessary?

You’ve certainly seen and heard them, those people at the gym who grunt really loud when they are working out – You might wonder, is that what I have to do to get a great workout? NO! Please don’t, unless of course you enjoy grunting, or it helps to motivate you. Instead, look for something […]

The Daily Cleanse

Leave Empty to Clean

You  hear about cleanses all time the time. Maybe you’ve done them, maybe you shun them. Maybe you think it’s a good idea, and that “one of these days you’ll get around to it”. I’ve seen people get great results from cleanses. I’ve seen pounds come off, mental fog clear, and skin and eyes radiate […]

90 Seconds is all is takes…

I’m sure you’ve had some version of this happen to you. You are sitting there, getting through your inbox, when you open an email from someone lashing out. They’ve got a bone to pick, and you’re on the receiving end. You feel the heat rising in your face, you feel steam beginning to plume  out […]

TMI and taking action

Okay, wow!  If you’ve spent more than a minute on the internet, you know that there are no fewer than 6,000 ‘proven’ ways to (insert anything here)… It’s enough to make you feel like you better do some more research before you commit to actually doing anything. And that, right there, just may be what’s […]

The (Funny) Secret to Effortless Weight loss: part 3

When was the last time you laughed? Not a polite chuckle, but a good ole’ belly laugh that leaves your belly hurting and tears in your eyes? And what does this have to do with weight loss? – Turns out- a lot. While laughing may not stack up toe-to-toe with other forms of exercise on […]

The Secret to effortless weight loss: part 2

Breathe like a baby

The subject of weight loss often involves moans and groans from those who have tried it and, either lost weight but couldn’t keep it off, or couldn’t lose weight to begin with. You may be able to relate.  I know I certainly could at one point in my life.  You may feel how I did, […]

How do you see it?

There is a hill that I like to walk.  It’s a decent hill, that climbs, and at the end, it gets pretty steep, (it’s affectionately called “kill hill” ; ) The first time I walked it, it felt really steep. After a few months of walking it at least once a week, it’s still steep, […]

Will just doing what you can make a difference?

I’m not sure about you, but my to-do list gets a little long… And by long, I mean Rapunzel’s braid long.  Kind of makes me want to throw it out the window like Rapunzel did with her braid 😀 Having a list like that can be overwhelming. So can starting a hard-core diet, or an […]

What’s on Your Playlist?

Not feeling up to your normal routine?  If you’ve been pushing yourself lately, or not getting enough sleep, maybe you need to listen to your body.  Or maybe you’re just making excuses.  Only you know the truth.  So, if you’ve got some serious rationalizing going on, (and when it comes to your workout or another […]

Get Fit for your Adventure

Are you Ready for your Ride? Last week brought beautiful waves, and a wind that allowed us to enjoy beautiful smooth rides.  As a surfer on Maui, it was about as good as it gets. Whatever your sport is, are you keeping yourself in condition, so that when it all lines up, you can enjoy […]