What’s on Your Playlist?

Not feeling up to your normal routine?  If you’ve been pushing yourself lately, or not getting enough sleep, maybe you need to listen to your body.  Or maybe you’re just making excuses.  Only you know the truth.  So, if you’ve got some serious rationalizing going on, (and when it comes to your workout or another […]

Looking for a reason to shake your booty?

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the idea of truckin’ yourself to the gym, or getting on some crazy new exercise program? Here’s an entertaining bottom line for looking at the bottom line (pun intended)… So… How will you spend your 30 minutes?

Are you a Runner? Or just want to Run…?

On the heels of running the Hana Relay this September, (The Hana Relay is a spectacular relay race, run along a 54 mile stretch of winding road, complete with waterfalls, scenic ocean and jungle views, valleys filled with ginger in full bloom, and surrounded by people dressed up, singing, and laughing – a LOT!), I […]

The Forest

I go to the forest for inspiration.  One of my favorite hikes includes lots of different kinds of trees.  The moment I step onto the trail, I get an instant sense of calm and ease.  When I remember to look up, I see so many shades of green and shapes of leaves.  The trees offer […]

Creating support

Here’s a great way to stay on track with your goals.  Create solid support from others.  Find  a coach, friend or mentor who will help you stay on track and provide encouragement along the way. Set up a weekly walk with a group of friends. Commit to meeting a friend at a yoga class or […]


Happy Entrance into Spring!  Haven’t just returned from a trip to the snow, I am more acutely aware of what this season means, having seen the sweet new leaves beginning to emerge out of snow-covered earth.  This is a wonderful time to renew your connection with that powerful vision of what you want for your […]

Get Moving

Isn’t it so true, that just getting going can be the hardest part?  I suppose it follows the law of intertia- ‘objects that are at rest remain at rest, objects that are in motion, remain in motion – unless acted on by on outside force’.    What is your ‘outside force’.  With our health and well-being, […]

Inspiring Change

Another year has officially rung in! It is a time when many of us ‘take stock’ of our lives, and look at what has served us, and what we would like to change. Okay, so mostly we look at what we want to change, or be less of, or more of. It can be an […]