The Two letter word that is keeping you stuck

Don't Stop what you're doing

You hear it all the time- I remind my clients of this all the time, (I remind myself too!) “You have to know how to say ‘no’.” Kindly. Firmly. As a complete sentence. This works when you are trying to regain balance in your life, or to just begin to get a handle on the […]

The Daily Cleanse

Leave Empty to Clean

You  hear about cleanses all time the time. Maybe you’ve done them, maybe you shun them. Maybe you think it’s a good idea, and that “one of these days you’ll get around to it”. I’ve seen people get great results from cleanses. I’ve seen pounds come off, mental fog clear, and skin and eyes radiate […]

TMI and taking action

Okay, wow!  If you’ve spent more than a minute on the internet, you know that there are no fewer than 6,000 ‘proven’ ways to (insert anything here)… It’s enough to make you feel like you better do some more research before you commit to actually doing anything. And that, right there, just may be what’s […]

Will just doing what you can make a difference?

I’m not sure about you, but my to-do list gets a little long… And by long, I mean Rapunzel’s braid long.  Kind of makes me want to throw it out the window like Rapunzel did with her braid 😀 Having a list like that can be overwhelming. So can starting a hard-core diet, or an […]

How to know when it’s time to shake it up

There you are, going about your routine. You’ve got it down, run for 20 minutes, stretch, eat something… It’s all gotten routine, and it’s been a while now.  The honeymoon is over, as they say. Our bodies are incredible, adaptive organisms, that have a way of getting used to what we throw them.  Sometimes, it’s  […]