Why Summer doesn’t have to end

Labor Day tells us Summer is officially over. Does it have to be? Summer makes us think of warm weather,  long evenings spent outside, trips to the beach or pool, bbqs and overall, less stress. The weather outside may begin to shift to a cooler temperature, but you can keep your insides warm with these […]

The (Funny) Secret to Effortless Weight loss: part 3

When was the last time you laughed? Not a polite chuckle, but a good ole’ belly laugh that leaves your belly hurting and tears in your eyes? And what does this have to do with weight loss? – Turns out- a lot. While laughing may not stack up toe-to-toe with other forms of exercise on […]

How do you see it?

There is a hill that I like to walk.  It’s a decent hill, that climbs, and at the end, it gets pretty steep, (it’s affectionately called “kill hill” ; ) The first time I walked it, it felt really steep. After a few months of walking it at least once a week, it’s still steep, […]

Sweet song when you are having a moment…

I came across this song a while ago. It made me smile and laugh…. And then I read how it was made, and I liked it even more. Enjoy! Then check out the background on it chillout by zefrank

Are you feeling blah?

The daily grind. Waking up, cooking breakfast, shuffling kids, making lunches, heading out for school after a brief  battle about whether or not a jacket is necessary. Work, shopping, laundry, cooking, the list goes on… Somewhere in there, are you squeezing in any time to feed yourself?  And I don’t mean just by eating the […]

Looking for a reason to shake your booty?

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the idea of truckin’ yourself to the gym, or getting on some crazy new exercise program? Here’s an entertaining bottom line for looking at the bottom line (pun intended)… So… How will you spend your 30 minutes?

Discover that Feeling

There is so much clutter that takes up space in our internal world on a daily basis. So many places to go. So many things to do, people to respond to, things we need to do better, ways we want to be better. In one minute we can change our internal experience, which can begin […]

The Simplest Thing

I think it’s a result of our ‘want it all right now’ mentality. We believe our actions must be extreme and all-encompassing to make a difference. We forget that in each moment we have a choice. We choose what we eat, what we drink. We choose to move or to rest. We choose our thoughts, […]

How to know when it’s time to shake it up

There you are, going about your routine. You’ve got it down, run for 20 minutes, stretch, eat something… It’s all gotten routine, and it’s been a while now.  The honeymoon is over, as they say. Our bodies are incredible, adaptive organisms, that have a way of getting used to what we throw them.  Sometimes, it’s  […]

Do you have energy for your life?

Are you living your life the way you really want to live it?  Are enjoying a level of health and Joy that makes you smile?  If you have more inside of you than you are now capable of sharing; what are you waiting for? We had a death in our family this week, and it […]