Setting the pace

Watching the Olympics was inspiring. Seeing new records for speed and strength; as well as heartbreaking falls and courageous acts of sportmanship. One of the most remarkable races I watched was the 15 year old(!!) American swimmer Katie Ledecky set the pace for the 800 m freestyle.  She went so incredibly fast- the entire time. […]


“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” ~ Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

How do you see it?

There is a hill that I like to walk.  It’s a decent hill, that climbs, and at the end, it gets pretty steep, (it’s affectionately called “kill hill” ; ) The first time I walked it, it felt really steep. After a few months of walking it at least once a week, it’s still steep, […]

Are you Enough?

In our busy days, we are often so wrapped up in doing and achieving and helping…  Life comes flying at us at a dizzying pace, and we can get spun in that vortex.  We can get lost in the illusion that if we could just somehow finish “the list” or perfect the project, that we […]

5 Tips for Cleansing without losing your mind

Cleansing is awesome. There is a sense of freedom and lightness that comes from letting go of habits that aren’t helping you, extra weight, and helping your body get rid of toxins. As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, I find that going at a gentle pace with my cleansing serves me better than doing […]

Will just doing what you can make a difference?

I’m not sure about you, but my to-do list gets a little long… And by long, I mean Rapunzel’s braid long.  Kind of makes me want to throw it out the window like Rapunzel did with her braid 😀 Having a list like that can be overwhelming. So can starting a hard-core diet, or an […]

What’s on Your Playlist?

Not feeling up to your normal routine?  If you’ve been pushing yourself lately, or not getting enough sleep, maybe you need to listen to your body.  Or maybe you’re just making excuses.  Only you know the truth.  So, if you’ve got some serious rationalizing going on, (and when it comes to your workout or another […]

Get Fit for your Adventure

Are you Ready for your Ride? Last week brought beautiful waves, and a wind that allowed us to enjoy beautiful smooth rides.  As a surfer on Maui, it was about as good as it gets. Whatever your sport is, are you keeping yourself in condition, so that when it all lines up, you can enjoy […]

Are you feeling blah?

The daily grind. Waking up, cooking breakfast, shuffling kids, making lunches, heading out for school after a brief  battle about whether or not a jacket is necessary. Work, shopping, laundry, cooking, the list goes on… Somewhere in there, are you squeezing in any time to feed yourself?  And I don’t mean just by eating the […]

Are you a Runner? Or just want to Run…?

On the heels of running the Hana Relay this September, (The Hana Relay is a spectacular relay race, run along a 54 mile stretch of winding road, complete with waterfalls, scenic ocean and jungle views, valleys filled with ginger in full bloom, and surrounded by people dressed up, singing, and laughing – a LOT!), I […]