Did you inherit your willpower?

Becky Weidow

Aaaahhh Summertime…. Days spent outdoors,  eating watermelon, swimming, laughing…  😎 And figuring out how to get some work done, a little time for yourself and maybe even, (gasp!) a workout or two- all sandwiched between ice cream cones and calls for adventure. It’s a enough to make a girl want to escape it all! While […]

Are you Enough?

In our busy days, we are often so wrapped up in doing and achieving and helping…  Life comes flying at us at a dizzying pace, and we can get spun in that vortex.  We can get lost in the illusion that if we could just somehow finish “the list” or perfect the project, that we […]

Multi-task much?

As moms, as women, as entrepreneurs, our lives are filled with demands. Phone calls to make, laundry to wash, to-do lists to do, walks to take, it goes on and on… We think it’s useful to be doing 5 things at once.  Of course we can make dinner, write an article, and answer the phone […]

Are you feeling blah?

The daily grind. Waking up, cooking breakfast, shuffling kids, making lunches, heading out for school after a brief  battle about whether or not a jacket is necessary. Work, shopping, laundry, cooking, the list goes on… Somewhere in there, are you squeezing in any time to feed yourself?  And I don’t mean just by eating the […]

How your body whispers

We all get complacent. We go along our way, pushing ourselves, doing more, taking care of business, when suddenly, bam, seemingly out of the blue, our body demands that we STOP! 7 days ago, maybe it was just a hint of being tired, the faintest fogginess in the brain. 3 days ago, perhaps we woke […]

Can’t get no satisfaction

Planning birthday parties for my kids can turn me into a lunatic.   Sometimes,  I get so bound up, worrying about doing it right, for the kids, for the friends, for everything and everyone.  I start to think there is some “perfect” birthday party, and that I had better deliver it.  Talk about putting myself through […]

Checking your Connections – Part 1- Mindfulness

Often, when we get to this place, this waste-land of being ‘done’, we become open targets for that snarkey little voice in our head that always has something to say- and it’s never anything very nice.  You know, it often starts off with “You always…” or “You never…”, very judgmental, and always condemning. Left unchecked, […]

Get your laughter fix here!

Laughter is a beautiful thing.  It relieves stress and tension, it promotes a chemistry in our body that is more able to learn, and to connect with each other. If you haven’t had a good laugh today, then check these two videos out.  The first one will crack you up- the second might sow some […]


What would you expect to happen next, if you keep doing what you are doing…? Your brain makes the leap to the next thing in the trajectory- What will your next thing be…?


This month we will look at the practice of mindfulness.  Last month’s 3 mindful alignments is a wonderful place to start. Let’s  explore another simple way to foster mindfulness. Savoring:  We savor the moment when we attune to our senses.  We allow all of our attention to go toward the sounds of the birds singing, […]