How to create Space when there just isn’t Time

Can there be space without time? I’ve been wondering lately how to fit it all in. You know what I mean, the workout, the sleep, the lunches packed, the dinner made, the house cleaned… and oh, yeah, the business work completed. In fact, I recently did a 21-day meditation challenge through The Chopra Center to […]

Are you Enough?

In our busy days, we are often so wrapped up in doing and achieving and helping…  Life comes flying at us at a dizzying pace, and we can get spun in that vortex.  We can get lost in the illusion that if we could just somehow finish “the list” or perfect the project, that we […]

Why more of this is NOT a good thing…

It’s everywhere. We can’t escape it. The amount of information that bombards us, promises us what we want, shocks us into reading more of it… So right now, this moment, Take a break. Take a breath. Put down the information- whatever form you are consuming it in.  And walk away. Get in nature.  Dive in […]

It’s always with you, and yet…

When was the last time you took a breath? Not the quick, get-ready-for-the-next-thing kind of breath, but the slow, deep inhale, Your shoulders drop Your belly softens You feel yourself washed over with relief- an actual chemical shift within your body- that slows your racing heart, sweetens the corners of your mind, and gently uncurls […]

Can’t get no satisfaction

Planning birthday parties for my kids can turn me into a lunatic.   Sometimes,  I get so bound up, worrying about doing it right, for the kids, for the friends, for everything and everyone.  I start to think there is some “perfect” birthday party, and that I had better deliver it.  Talk about putting myself through […]


What would you expect to happen next, if you keep doing what you are doing…? Your brain makes the leap to the next thing in the trajectory- What will your next thing be…?


This month we will look at the practice of mindfulness.  Last month’s 3 mindful alignments is a wonderful place to start. Let’s  explore another simple way to foster mindfulness. Savoring:  We savor the moment when we attune to our senses.  We allow all of our attention to go toward the sounds of the birds singing, […]

Reach Beyond

What is ‘Reach Beyond’?   Reach Beyond is an invitation to go further than that place of settling, for any part of your life that is not leading you towards your best health.  Maybe it shows up in your energy level, the amount of patience you have with your loved ones, the way you carry your […]


Everyone I speak to lately seems to be living with a lot of intensity in their lives.  Whether it is too much exposure to sensational media, or the intensity of day-to-day life, we are all living with heightened levels of stress. Our bodies are programmed to handle brief periods of stress.  Hormones such as cortisol […]

Are you still moving forward?

Can you believe it’s February?  How are you doing with your goals you set last month?  Are you actively pursuing greater health and well-being?  Are you being tenacious about it?  I hope you  have developed your powerful vision, that ‘target that beckons’ you forward, and guides you in your choices.   With a powerful vision, you […]