Core Strength + Great Posture = Energy

How you carry your body determines a lot when it comes to your energy. Great posture means your body can move as it was designed to move, rather than fighting against un-natural positioning. This video gives you three great moves to tap into your core strength. Go through the whole video, working up to 2-3 […]

TMI and taking action

Okay, wow!  If you’ve spent more than a minute on the internet, you know that there are no fewer than 6,000 ‘proven’ ways to (insert anything here)… It’s enough to make you feel like you better do some more research before you commit to actually doing anything. And that, right there, just may be what’s […]

5 Tips for Cleansing without losing your mind

Cleansing is awesome. There is a sense of freedom and lightness that comes from letting go of habits that aren’t helping you, extra weight, and helping your body get rid of toxins. As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, I find that going at a gentle pace with my cleansing serves me better than doing […]

Savor it!

This time of year can be filled with land-mines. Not the kind you step on, but the kind you put in your mouth, (maybe you should step on them, you’d be less tempted to eat the, but I’m getting off topic…) Everywhere we go, we are offered sweets and treats, sugar bombs in all their […]

Discover that Feeling

There is so much clutter that takes up space in our internal world on a daily basis. So many places to go. So many things to do, people to respond to, things we need to do better, ways we want to be better. In one minute we can change our internal experience, which can begin […]

The Simplest Thing

I think it’s a result of our ‘want it all right now’ mentality. We believe our actions must be extreme and all-encompassing to make a difference. We forget that in each moment we have a choice. We choose what we eat, what we drink. We choose to move or to rest. We choose our thoughts, […]

De-stress with Flighting

Our bodies are incredible. They adapt and adjust to what we give them… To a point. Stress, when built up and chronic, leaves us tired, sick, and overweight. The next time you feel stressed out- whether it’s from your own thoughts, or from what’s going on in your life, try this quick de-stressor.  Get your […]

Why more of this is NOT a good thing…

It’s everywhere. We can’t escape it. The amount of information that bombards us, promises us what we want, shocks us into reading more of it… So right now, this moment, Take a break. Take a breath. Put down the information- whatever form you are consuming it in.  And walk away. Get in nature.  Dive in […]

It’s always with you, and yet…

When was the last time you took a breath? Not the quick, get-ready-for-the-next-thing kind of breath, but the slow, deep inhale, Your shoulders drop Your belly softens You feel yourself washed over with relief- an actual chemical shift within your body- that slows your racing heart, sweetens the corners of your mind, and gently uncurls […]