The Secret to effortless weight loss: part 2

Breathe like a baby

The subject of weight loss often involves moans and groans from those who have tried it and, either lost weight but couldn’t keep it off, or couldn’t lose weight to begin with. You may be able to relate.  I know I certainly could at one point in my life.  You may feel how I did, […]

5 Tips for Cleansing without losing your mind

Cleansing is awesome. There is a sense of freedom and lightness that comes from letting go of habits that aren’t helping you, extra weight, and helping your body get rid of toxins. As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, I find that going at a gentle pace with my cleansing serves me better than doing […]

Get Moving

Isn’t it so true, that just getting going can be the hardest part?  I suppose it follows the law of intertia- ‘objects that are at rest remain at rest, objects that are in motion, remain in motion – unless acted on by on outside force’.    What is your ‘outside force’.  With our health and well-being, […]

Staying Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is a simple thing you can do to have more energy, better ability to focus,  lose weight easier, and feel better, inside and out.  We often forget to do it though.  Whether it’s because you don’t like the taste of water, get bored with it, or simply forget to do it, […]

Inspiring Change

Another year has officially rung in! It is a time when many of us ‘take stock’ of our lives, and look at what has served us, and what we would like to change. Okay, so mostly we look at what we want to change, or be less of, or more of. It can be an […]