Client’s words

“Kalia has a keen ability to help me pinpoint exactly where I wanted to go physically, mentally & emotionally and then supplied the most extraordinary tools to help get me there.  I will forever be grateful for her ability to assist me in opening doors that I had no idea were there and getting me through the blocks to where I needed to get to. ”          ~Victoria Yudis

Life moves at such a fast pace, we tend to get though each day the best we can.  We also tend to forget about our own needs and put our own self on the back burner.  We juggle everything at once and say “I’ll do it later”  and then later gets pushed even later.
Kalia brings later to right now.  She teaches you and works with you to get you where you want to be in your life.  She listens to you and works with your schedule to focus on yourself and achieve your goals.  She is an inspiration and a terrific coach that I have had the privilege to work with.
Mahalo Kalia!  -Danoucha Starkweather, Danoosha Designs

Kalia’s Wellness Coaching program for me was a great way to help stay focused on the health goals I was trying to attain. Her coaching process encouraged me to explore new ways of looking and thinking at how my specific health needs and goals could be obtained. I continue to use that process in all aspects of my everyday life.  Deesha Tucker, Leialoha Crafts

What brings me back each week is an incredible improvement in my physical health.  My 3 or 4 years of lower back pain issues have disappeared.  My strength and flexibility have improved noticeably. I am feeling stronger and more vital than I have in a couple of years.  Thank you for carefully pushing me to reach my goals of health and vitality!
-Ann Ashley, Keokea Farms

Coming back to your class was a reminder, that through exercise, I feel more balanced and in tune with body and mind.   I know it will make me feel better but I often forget that in my daily life and put it last.  I do value having that hour to myself, to move my body with your great care and instruction.  I especially like the core work and balancing of left and right brain.
-Janet Naramore, The Kingswood Shop

Kalia invited me in on a class that she was teaching in a gym setting. It was a strength training class with 4 other women.  I was pregnant reaching my 3rd trimester. Kalia was able to have a class that reached all of our needs.  She pushed the ladies that wanted to be really challenged and engaged me where she included and substituted strength work that would be supportive to my pregnancy. Kalia empowered me and allowed me to bounce back to my regular workouts after our baby was born. I loved feeling great in my pregnant body, thanks to being in great shape with Kalia’s guidance  ~ Reba Dodge

Kalia helped me integrate an exercise program that was specialized to my needs and specific injuries. Her knowledge, compassion, and adaptability make her especially talented, and eased my trust in the program she designed specifically for me. I found results in the work that we did within weeks, and have used many of the exercises in my day to day life, to help maintain a strong, centered body.
~ Christina Hartman


Kalia is always very encouraging and supportive, yet helps me challenge myself more than I do on my own.
– Pamela Kantarova