Core Strength Balance™


 “The recipe for a strong, centered Core: We provide the ingredients, each result is delicious and unique…” ~ Karen Jones


  • Do you want to feel more connected to your strength and your center?
  • Do you want a fun, effective fitness routine that leaves you feeling strong and energized, in body and mind?

” This class has helped me so much I don’t even know where to begin… my back is better, my knee is better.  My job is very demanding, both physically and mentally… but when I come to class, I feel like a new person!! I feel more awake and alive, more positive about myself and my life”   ~ Ann Ashley


  •  Do you feel frustrated that your body is not responding to the exercise you do?
  • Do you wish you could be more consistent with a routine, but you get bored or unmotivated on your own?

“Kalia, you make a solid hour of exercise fly by (nearly) effortlessly.  You have made a tremendous and positive difference in my life, and I really thank you for my strength and mental as well as physical health.  You have given me strategies to quiet my worried mind in the middle of the night, and to ramp up my energy level in the slump of the day.”  ~ Morlee Walters

Core Strength Balance™  engages the Wisdom of Pilates, Yoga, and Strength, Core, and Balance training, as well as harnessing the vast power of our MINDS, to cultivate a Strong Body, Balanced mind, and Centered Spirit.

Participants always comment how Core Strength Balance™ is “the best part of the day”.

As our bodies age, we lose muscle mass, bone density, and our ability to balance.  We tend to lose strength in our core, which can result in poor posture and a lack of energy. 

In CSB, we train our bodies to respond to the signals in our brain, creating more ease in our movements and thoughts.  This class is not about blasting you so you can barely move the next day. It IS about challenging your body and mind to consistently push just past your comfort zone in new and unique ways. 

Consistently dancing on this edge is what will give you amazing results.

“You’ve got me looking forward to Mondays.  It’s a workout disguised as fun- I’m feeling a good kind of sore today!” ~ Karen Jones

Core Strength Balance™ helps you discover the joy of saying “yes” to you, and to the way you would love to feel.


“But I don’t want to commit to coming to every class” – I hear this quite often from students.  With over 15 years of teaching group classes and private training, I’ve seen every type of client.  What I know is that when you commit to me, you are committing to yourself, and when you commit to yourself, you see the results you want.

I am here to fully support you to commit to yourself.  When you do, 100% of the time, you will see results!


Five Week Series Beginning in January 2017

Wisdom Flow Studio

95 Makawao Ave Pukalani, HI

$145 for the series

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY- Class size is limited! email me to save your spot


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