90 Seconds is all is takes…

I’m sure you’ve had some version of this happen to you.

You are sitting there, getting through your inbox, when you open an email from someone lashing out.

They’ve got a bone to pick, and you’re on the receiving end.

You feel the heat rising in your face, you feel steam beginning to plume  out of your ears- You are mad.

You hammer out a response that’s only the tip of the iceberg- if only you’d been paying attention in typing class- you could get it out faster!

Okay, you know that’s a big mistake- you know to wait before you hit “send”.

Emotional overwhelm

You can use this idea anytime you feel yourself getting lost in  intense emotions, and feeling the need to lash out in response.  The beautiful thing is, emotions take 90 seconds to move through you.

That’s it, 90 seconds.

As long as you don’t add your story to the emotion, (you know the one “oh really, is that what you think?  well, remember the time when you…”)  It’s our stories that make those emotions turn into vicious waves of spun out emotion.  It’s the stories that turn hurt feelings, and a bit of sadness into full-blown anger.

If you you let the emotion come, and watch it, feel it, as it washes through you, letting it be a meditation on sensation, you can than choose, from a mindful place, what you want to do.

So before you grab that cookie to quell the sadness, or fire off a retort, take a  breath, take a ride on the wave of emotion, you can even check your watch, and time it.

Just give yourself 90 seconds.

Story free.

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