Happy Entrance into Spring!  Haven’t just returned from a trip to the snow, I am more acutely aware of what this season means, having seen the sweet new leaves beginning to emerge out of snow-covered earth.  This is a wonderful time to renew your connection with that powerful vision of what you want for your health and well-being.

“The self  is made, not given.  It is a creative and active process of attending a life

that must be heard, shaped, seen, said aloud into the world, and finally enacted and woven into the lives of others”         ~ Barbara Myerhoff

Last month, I got emails about ‘sisters day'(March 6), and also a link to a wonderful article about how women respond to stress.  I made me think about ways that we can support each other in stepping into our beautiful vision.  Have you ever found that when you set out on a walk, run, or hike with some friends, the time flies, you laugh, your forget about how hard you are working, and at the end of it, find you not only had a great workout, but you also had a great time?

A huge part of creating and sustaining powerful change lies in building strong support systems that help you achieve greater health and vitality.  Find what supports you, you may find it in your friends.


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