Staying Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is a simple thing you can do to have more energy, better ability to focus,  lose weight easier, and feel better, inside and out.  We often forget to do it though.  Whether it’s because you don’t like the taste of water, get bored with it, or simply forget to do it, here are some fun ways to inspire hydration, and a simple guide for how to figure  out how much water you need.

  • make a pot of herbal tea, put it in the fridge, and enjoy sipping it throughout the day
  • Add citrus or cucumber to your water

  • Get a re-usable bottle that you love, and carry it around with you wherever you go

How much water should I drink?  A general guideline: take body weight (in pounds) and divide that number in half.  That is the number of ounces of water that your body needs in a day.  Of course, if you are very active, or in a warmer climate, you will want to drink a little more.  (example: 144 lb woman drinks 72 ounces of water).   Your body is better able to absorb and use the water if you sip it throughout the day.  An interesting thing to note, is that what sometimes feels like hunger, could actually be thirst, so ‘when it doubt, have some water’ 😉

Happy Sipping!

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