TMI and taking action

Okay, wow!  If you’ve spent more than a minute on the internet, you know that there are no fewer than 6,000 ‘proven’ ways to (insert anything here)…

It’s enough to make you feel like you better do some more research before you commit to actually doing anything.

And that, right there, just may be what’s draining your energy:

  • Instead of taking a short walk, you’re making sure you’re up on the latest energy supplement.
  • Instead of filling up your water bottle, you’re reading about the best way to filter your water.
  • Instead of going to bed, you’re catching up on the best methods to feel happy.

It’s not your fault.  All this information is right there are your fingertips- and it’s VERY compelling- our minds are just not equipped to filter all that stuff coming at us.

It’s called TMI – waaaay ” too much information”.

So here’s your invitation this week.

  • Schedule in your walk (even if it’s 10 minutes)
  • Fill up your water every day before you do anything else- and drink from it all day long
  • Get your sweet self to bed with enough time to log 7-8 hours of sleep

If you want to know “why” to do these things- you can check out my blog – or find all the information on the web, at the click of a button.

The trick, as always, is to actually do something.  Start taking action, the information will always be there, waiting for you…

What will you commit to doing today to help you have more energy and be more productive?? Post yours below ; )


  1. Karen Jones says:

    Now that I’m back taking Kalia’s class, I’m sleeping restfully at night instead of tossing and waking every hour.

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