Can’t get no satisfaction

Planning birthday parties for my kids can turn me into a lunatic.   Sometimes,  I get so bound up, worrying about doing it right, for the kids, for the friends, for everything and everyone.  I start to think there is some “perfect” birthday party, and that I had better deliver it.  Talk about putting myself through misery.  It got me thinking about making comparisons with how other moms do it all.  It used to be that I tortured myself constantly about not ‘doing it’ right.  I’m getting better , but sometimes those big moments- like birthdays- bring it all, fresh, to the surface.

There are a million moments in every day that you could compare yourself to someone else.  Usually the comparison ends up shining a glaring light on how wrong you are doing it, and how everyone you meet has the solution.

Notice this happening.  See that feeling.  Allow that feeling to be there, without you giving or taking anything from it.  Don’t avoid it.  Don’t distract yourself from it with media, food or busy-ness.  Don’t argue with it.

Just sit with it, and breath into it.  Allow your breath to breathe you.  Float yourself into the moment with no agenda.  No expectation.  Discover that place.

Am I the only one who ever does this, or do you sometimes compare yourself with others?  I’d love to know if you have tried mindfulness to work with it- or if you have other strategies you use, please post them below.


  1. Great posting and reminder. I alway look forward to your newsletters and they always seem to come when I need a gentle reminder. Mahalo and have a terrific day. Aloha, Debbie


  1. […] week I wrote a post about connecting with that moment, with that feeling.  Becoming aware of having the feeling of not being enough is the first step.  […]

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