Nurture you – Saturday, July 23, 2011 in Kula, Maui

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When was the last time you went to the spa?

When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of TEN minutes in your busy day – just for YOU.

Do you remember?

Often we get so busy making sure everyone else is taken care of,  we forget about ourselves.   Our patience disappears, and our spirits slump.  We forget that taking small moments, throughout the day, can gently and consistently keep us from running on empty.

And then there are those Big, Juicy Days.  The ones where the kids are covered, we’ve cleared the to-do list, and we get away.  The days we are surrounded by our ladies, the women in our lives that make us laugh, hold space for us as we cry, and remind us over and over how amazing, beautiful, and magnificent we  already are.

Nurture you – A series of Kula spa days that fully support you in discovering, remembering, and integrating simple, nourishing tools that fill you up.  You will leave with clarity of yourself, nourished on all levels, with a plan to bring this experience into  your daily life.

We will enjoy the day at Malu Manu, an Upcountry Estate whose mission is to educate, inspire and encourage wellbeing on all levels.


Join Joyanna Cotter and Kalia Kelmenson on July 23, 2011 for a day of deep nurturing.

A day of Connection, with other women, connection with ourselves.  We will have movement, stillness, amazing food, pauses for integration, and many tools that you will take home with you to bring your day-to-day nurturing practice to life.   You will experience the furo(Japanese style wood-heated cedar bath), salt scrubs, massage, yoga, breath work, qi gong, and a deep exploration into our own ideas and challenges around nurturing ourselves.  You will leave this day fully nourished and nurtured.  You will have a step-by-step plan for incorporating these tools into your daily life that is inspiring.


Joyanna Cotter has been a practitioner of Taoist Yoga for more than thirty years.  She feels blessed to have been with elder Master teachers in China, deepening her experience.  She continues her practice, earning numerous certificates in the Yogic arts.  Inspired in the natural blend of  the two Eastern Sciences of Yoga and Qigong; Joyanna offers a unique and spontaneous approach to nurturing in a profound way.

“We nurture ourselves by consciously choosing to slow down, focus, develop awareness and take personal responsibility.  We inwardly smile, move in grace, with intention.  We breathe deeply to rebuild our natural rhythms with nature’s rhythm.  Through these practices we cultivate and empower ourselves to true healing and vibrant health”



Kalia Kelmenson is the owner of Maui Mind and Body.  She has been in the health/ fitness field for almost twenty years, consistently helping her clients discover and cultivate the mind-body connection.  She has been a student of holistic health for nearly as long.  For the past five years, her training and work has focused on helping women tap into their capacity to create lifestyle habits that support vibrant health.  She helps you have the energy and mind-state to be present in your life in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling.

“When we allow ourselves the space  to nurture  ourselves, we are able to be there more fully for those we love.  Everyone and everything in our life benefits by us being more present, joyful and alive”

We will begin the day with Qigong and a walk.  We will cultivate our core strength and balance, as well as learn some new nurturing practices.  The day will nourish you, and you will leave with a plan on how to bring more nurturing into your daily life.  Simple, practical ways that don’t overwhelm you will be emphasized.  Take this opportunity to gather with a wonderful group of women, and feel fully supported on your journey.

Join Joyanna and Kalia for a day you will not forget.  Give yourself the gift of a day, and you will discover how to bring that gift into all your days.  Nourish yourself from the inside out, and remember and experience your best version of YOU!

Email to reserve your spot


Date: Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time: 8:30 am  – 1 pm

Cost: $45 – Please make checks payable to ‘Maui Mind and Body’ – you can bring a check Saturday Morning, just be sure to click below to reserve your spot.

Email to reserve your spot

Location: Malu Manu, Kula, Maui, Hawaii

You will have the fullness of the day to draw on.  You will also get the gift of specific tools to take home and keep practicing what you learned.   You will also go home with your own Nurture Journal, so you can keep the program going at home, in simple and consistent ways that will profoundly lift your level of Energy and Joy.



Join us!  This will be a unique and transformational day.