Is Grunting Really Necessary?

You’ve certainly seen and heard them, those people at the gym who grunt really loud when they are working out –
You might wonder, is that what I have to do to get a great workout?

NO! Please don’t, unless of course you enjoy grunting, or it helps to motivate you.

Instead, look for something that you actually enjoy doing.
If nothing comes to mind, then try some new activities.  Look for a dance class you’ve never been to, sample the martial arts class you keep hearing about, or look for an online video of some kind of new movement (I just finished reviewing so many types of movement videos, my head is still spinning).

The fact is, there is a form of movement you can enjoy – It doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to grunt.  Our bodies are designed to move.  You will absolutely feel better when you include some of it every day.

Write in the comments below, what kind of movement you enjoy,or what you will try.

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