The Link between Stress and Weight Gain

Imagine this, or maybe you’re living it 😕

Your life is getting hectic.  Everyone’s schedules are getting chaotic, and the frenzy is mounting.

Naturally, the first thing to go is your daily exercise, and home-made meals.

Next thing you know, you’re driving everyone around, nibbling on left-over pb & js and cheese puffs,

and sleep? forget about it!

Soon after this pattern, you’ll notice your jeans getting a little tighter.

Your body responds to how it’s being treated by adjusting itself internally, through a mixture of chemical messengers;  hormones that tell your body to store fuel, use fuel, and communicates in hundreds of different ways.

Stress turns on a system in our body that’s awesome if we have to get into immediate action and be strong, fast and focused, (think, get a work project completed, help kids with homework, and be there for the soccer game). But at some point, that surging hormone cocktail is going to backfire on your health- and your weight.

Signs your Body is in Chronic Stress mode

  • weight gain
  • trouble losing weight, (even though you’re trying really hard)
  • jittery feelings and exhausted, but unable to slow down

How to Break the Cycle of Stress and Weight Gain- (and make it easier to Lose weight)

The Lighter Way to Lighten Up

this one you’re doing anyway, might as well use it

Do This One thing Like a Baby

Doing these two things will help  make this strategy easier

Ditch the late-night drama and do this instead

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