Will just doing what you can make a difference?

I’m not sure about you, but my to-do list gets a little long… And by long, I mean Rapunzel’s braid long.  Kind of makes me want to throw it out the window like Rapunzel did with her braid 😀 Having a list like that can be overwhelming. So can starting a hard-core diet, or an […]

Appreciation for those who bring us JOY

Discover how to give by receiving


This month we will look at the practice of mindfulness.  Last month’s 3 mindful alignments is a wonderful place to start. Let’s  explore another simple way to foster mindfulness. Savoring:  We savor the moment when we attune to our senses.  We allow all of our attention to go toward the sounds of the birds singing, […]

Reach Beyond

What is ‘Reach Beyond’?   Reach Beyond is an invitation to go further than that place of settling, for any part of your life that is not leading you towards your best health.  Maybe it shows up in your energy level, the amount of patience you have with your loved ones, the way you carry your […]