Are you a Runner? Or just want to Run…?

On the heels of running the Hana Relay this September, (The Hana Relay is a spectacular relay race, run along a 54 mile stretch of winding road, complete with waterfalls, scenic ocean and jungle views, valleys filled with ginger in full bloom, and surrounded by people dressed up, singing, and laughing – a LOT!), I […]

The Simplest Thing

I think it’s a result of our ‘want it all right now’ mentality. We believe our actions must be extreme and all-encompassing to make a difference. We forget that in each moment we have a choice. We choose what we eat, what we drink. We choose to move or to rest. We choose our thoughts, […]

It’s always with you, and yet…

When was the last time you took a breath? Not the quick, get-ready-for-the-next-thing kind of breath, but the slow, deep inhale, Your shoulders drop Your belly softens You feel yourself washed over with relief- an actual chemical shift within your body- that slows your racing heart, sweetens the corners of your mind, and gently uncurls […]

How your body whispers

We all get complacent. We go along our way, pushing ourselves, doing more, taking care of business, when suddenly, bam, seemingly out of the blue, our body demands that we STOP! 7 days ago, maybe it was just a hint of being tired, the faintest fogginess in the brain. 3 days ago, perhaps we woke […]

How do you re-fuel yourself?

Are you busy taking care of everyone else this Summer, it is important to remember to take care of yourself as well.  I remembered this the other day as I was trying to squeeze in 10 more things before picking my kids up from camp, finish writing an article, respond to emails,  and put that […]

Finding this moment

Here are two practices for bringing your body back into balance after a stressful moment (or moments) Take time (even 10 minutes) to go for a walk.  Move your body, get your circulation going, clearing your mind of stressful thoughts and lingering stress hormones that keep you out of balance. When you are sitting at […]