The Daily Cleanse

You  hear about cleanses all time the time.

Maybe you’ve done them,

maybe you shun them.

Maybe you think it’s a good idea, and that “one of these days you’ll get around to it”.

I’ve seen people get great results from cleanses.

I’ve seen pounds come off, mental fog clear, and skin and eyes radiate an inner glow.

I’m a huge advocate of daily habits.  I know that it’s often the simple things we do in our daily lives that make the biggest difference.

I’m not against cleanses – I think they are especially helpful when done under the direction of a trained professional.

What I want to share here is the idea of doing a daily cleanse.

Our bodies are designed to cleanse all by themselves.  We get in the way of this cleansing all the time by ingesting toxins through our skin, through the food we eat, the water we drink; you name it…

So how can you help your body cleanse every single day?

There are lots of ways, and in future posts I’ll share more, but here’s a great place to start:

Stop clogging up the pipes for a period of time every day.

The easiest time to do this is while you are sleeping.  Sleep is a very natural time for our body to cleanse and process whatever has happened during the day, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.  The beauty of giving yourself this time to cleanse, is that you are simply working with the natural rhythms of your body, rather than fighting against it.

No supplements necessary.  You don’t need to buy anything.

Yes, you can drink special teas and take special tonics.

But at a very basic level, all you need to do is just STOP eating and drinking.

12 hours before you normally eat breakfast.  Simply Stop ingesting anything but water.

This might be hard for you.

Maybe night time is when you tend to snack,  or have your wine- maybe you “treat” yourself for all the hard work of the day.

See this as a different kind of treat.  Try it for a couple of days, and you’ll notice that you wake up with a lot more energy.  You’ll notice that you are actually hungry for breakfast.  You’ll notice that you sleep deeper, because your body does not have to spend energy digesting food or metabolizing alcohol.

Do the math for yourself.

What time do you wake up?

Plan on eating something(or having a morning smoothie), within an hour of waking.

Subtract 12 hours from that, and you’ll have your “kitchen is closed” time.

I wake up at 6:15 to get my kids fed and ready for school.  That means, I feed myself something by 7:30 am.

My kitchen closes at 7:30 pm.

Period. End of story.

I can tell you, it is so worth it to wake up in the morning with a clear mind and tons of energy.

I’m happier, my kids are happier, my hubby is happier.

You may need to use distraction at first to stop eating at night.  Be sure the lights are off in the kitchen. Then, run a bath, grab your journal, start a good novel.  Do something different in your routine so that you are not just mindlessly stuck in the same rut, and you really miss eating.

Have you ever stopped eating a few hours before bed?  How did it make you feel?

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  1. so great! nothing like taking each day to refine the quality of our being…
    i love the 12 hour idea…especially with the kitchen closeted sign up…
    i have found not food after dark…walk ‘100’ steps after dinner…
    and then enjoy a nice warm cup of ginger tea…
    while enjoying your quiet evening…( that means no computer work too, at least most evenings:)
    Thanks Kalia for your brilliant expression of health and inspiration!!

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