The Forest

I go to the forest for inspiration.  One of my favorite hikes includes lots of different kinds of trees.  The moment I step onto the trail, I get an instant sense of calm and ease.  When I remember to look up, I see so many shades of green and shapes of leaves.  The trees offer a canopy of green that ignites all of my senses.  I see their beautiful color, I hear the sound of the wind through their branches and leaves, I feel the cool, fresh oxygen as if it were a gift to me, I smell the earthy scent of rich soil.  My inner being relaxes, because it know that I am heading for the trail.  Every day is different on the trail.  Some days I meander, some days I run.  Some days I alternate both.  There are days where I hike myself into an endorphin high, and other days where I find a spot to meditate.  Whatever the path brings, when I go to the forest, I know that I can leave it all on the trail.  All of my frustrations, fears, and disappointments can be released.  Knowing this, knowing that I have this available to me, gives me support.  I am eternally grateful for that.

How do you re-set your mind, body and spirit?  Share your favorite ways below.  You never know, you could inspire someone to find ‘their’ way.

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