Are you feeling blah?

The daily grind.

Waking up, cooking breakfast, shuffling kids, making lunches, heading out for school after a brief  battle about whether or not a jacket is necessary.

Work, shopping, laundry, cooking, the list goes on…

Somewhere in there, are you squeezing in any time to feed yourself?  And I don’t mean just by eating the kid’s leftovers- I mean Feed yourself; nourish your spirit, enrich your mind, honor your body – (is that laughter I hear- I can feel it bubbling up inside of me).

Because in this day of super-speed, nourishment of self is considered a luxury.  Perhaps a few hours away once a year, or an evening out with the girls occasionally.

I’ve been playing with this idea of self-nourishment at a scale that mothers can attain.  For me, it includes:

  • adding bursts of higher intensity cardio to my 20 minute walk (love those endorphins!)
  • taking an extra 10 minutes to make myself a beautiful lunch, and actually sit an enjoy it
  • planning a night a week to luxuriate in a hot bath with candles, a good book, a nice cup of tea or wine
  • using lotion that smells divine – this is so fast and easy- anyone can try it
  • Keeping a bottle of Queen Bee Honey Rose facial toner nearby, spritz as desired : )

So, if you’re caught in your daily grind, and you’re wondering why you just feel so… blaah, take a few minutes to list some fast and easy ways to nourish yourself- and then do one, every day.

I’d love to know what your favorite fast fixes are- please share them below- you just may inspire someone today 😉

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