How do you see it?

There is a hill that I like to walk.  It’s a decent hill, that climbs, and at the end, it gets pretty steep, (it’s affectionately called “kill hill” ; )
The first time I walked it, it felt really steep.
After a few months of walking it at least once a week, it’s still steep, but it’s the kind of challenge I look forward to, because I know how good it feels to get to the top.

Albert Einstein talked about each one of us having a major decision to make about whether we see the world as hostile or friendly.  Imagine yourself for a moment with each perspective, and guess how you would feel differerent.

Today, I want to invite you to look at your perspective of how you take care of yourself. This means:

  • how you move and feed your body
  • how you nourish your spirit
  • the attention you give your emotions.
  • Do you see self-care as a burden?  Does it ‘make you’ feel guilty?
  • Or do you choose the perspective that allowing yourself to be a priority is a good thing for everyone in your life – yourself included?

From your perspective, (which is all that really matters, because this is at the root of your beliefs), how important is it that you are healthy?  Does it matter if you have good energy and are resilient?  What parts of your life are affected by your mood?

And most importantly, do feel like you have the ability to make the changes in your life that will support you in these areas?

My perspective is that you absolutely do.  I’ve supported enough clients and friends through changes to be an absolute believer.  Sometimes you just need more or better information, and sometimes you need the support to see and shift that deep place inside of you that imagines what is possible.

I would love to know what your perspective is –  sharing it could make the difference in someone else’s life- we’re not alone here!

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