Why Summer doesn’t have to end

Labor Day tells us Summer is officially over.

Does it have to be?

Summer makes us think of warm weather,  long evenings spent outside, trips to the beach or pool, bbqs and overall, less stress.

The weather outside may begin to shift to a cooler temperature, but you can keep your insides warm with these tips to bring Summer back, from the inside out:

  • Keep savoring the flavors… Fall is a great time to enjoy fresh, local produce.  Apples are one of my favorite Autumn treats.  I’m a big Fan of  Fuji apples, but choose your favorite, and take a few minutes to really enjoy and delight in tasting and experiencing the full sensations of eating an apple- might sound silly, but it’s an awesome way to slow down for a few moments- yes, eating and apple can be a meditation!
  • Keep Floating… Just because the pool closes earlier, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy water time.  Our bodies are mostly water.  You’ll notice that spas always have multiple ways to get wet.  Create your own spa time at home.  Get a candle, some bubbly water, a dry brush and bath oil, close your bathroom door, and enjoy some downtime in the tub or shower.  Dry brush before you get in, and give yourself an hour or so to decompress.  Doing this an hour or so before you go to bed will help you drift off into sleep easily.
  • Dream a little Dream… Get your sleep on.  With days getting shorter, you can use the lack of light to support yourself in getting enough sleep.  Oodles of research tells us that we benefit in so many ways when we do.  What’s enough?  The magic number seems to be between 7 and 9 hours, but everyone is a little different.  If you feel groggy in the morning, then you may need more sleep (or you may need to lighten up on the evening imbibing).  Turn off all electronics and gear yourself toward sleep by winding down at least one hour before hitting the hay.

Summer’s end can feel like a tough transition for some- make sure you keep getting yourself out in the sunshine- it’s especially important to get out there first thing in the morning- it will help your body to wake up on lots of different level- You’ll be in  a better mood and your circadian rhythms will set to have you feeling perky instead of jerky first thing.  I love getting outdoors for a workout first thing- Keep doing this as long as the weather allows you too.

How do you keep the enjoyment factor of Summer up as we move into Fall?? post your comments below.


  1. Singing!I love learning sunny summer songs to lift me up when the daylight hours get shorter:-)

    • Yes Janey!! Singing is a wonderful lift! what’s you favorite song?

      • OMG,Kalia….so many to choose from!…I love “3 little birds” by Bob Marley and “Love Shine a Light”by Katrina and the Waves…I have a list of them all somewhere,ready and waiting!What about you?

        • Loved your fb post of India Irie singing ‘while my guitar gently weeps’!! – Usually I’m belting out the tunes with the kids- this time of year it’s ‘Swinging along the Open road’ – also been singing in hula class- “Pua Mae’ole”… then there’s my lullabies for the wee ones- Too Ra Loo Ra Loora (from my grandma) and “where i live there are rainbows”…

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