When you can’t seem to get to the surface…

You’ve had those days.  The ones where it just all seems so endless…

The laundry, the dishes, the bills, everyone else’s needs, everyone else’s wants…

WAIT! I want to yell, channeling my inner three year old- ‘what about ME?’

I know, I know, I’m the mom, I don’t have needs, I am here to serve, to make sure everyone’s lunch is packed, socks are clean (and match!), and on and on.  And it’s partly true; I do love to have clean matching socks for my sweet children as they head out the door with a balanced meal packed in their lunch boxes.

But it’s NOT true that I don’t have needs, or wants.  I really do.  And I recognize that when I give those wants a needs a moment, a breath, a sweet glimpse in the moment of my day, I am better for it.

Right now, I am training for the Hana Relay, a 54 mile relay run along the Northeast coast of Maui.  With a team of 6 women, we pass the baton along the coast, laughing as the ‘naked’ team runs along, followed by the ‘beauty queen’ team.  And at the end of it all, Hana.  Surrounded by beauty, the ocean, gentle passing showers, and a big house filled with incredible women, and three days of laughter, lounging, swimming and just being.

This is my want, my need.  And I am buoyed by knowing it is just around the corner…  It pulls me through my run in the park while my daughter is at piano, or squeezing in a run between teaching and the volunteer soccer coaches’ meeting.  It’s my carrot, hanging out there to draw me forward.

What is your want, your need?  What brings you to the surface?

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