How do you re-fuel yourself?

Are you busy taking care of everyone else this Summer, it is important to remember to take care of yourself as well.  I remembered this the other day as I was trying to squeeze in 10 more things before picking my kids up from camp, finish writing an article, respond to emails,  and put that last load of laundry in.  As I looked ahead at the rest of my day, I could see there would be no time to do anything for myself.  So, I let go of the details, and went for a quick run, 20 minutes, tops.  WOW!  It reminded me what a quick blast of exercise does for my body and my mind. I felt great, and was a much better mom and wife, at least for the rest of that day.

That said, I know that getting physical exercise invigorates me, and it also calms me- smooths down any ruffled feathers.  You may have something else that does it for you. Each of us is different in what we need to re-fuel ourselves.

In case you need an invitation, I would like to offer to each of you the gift of self-care.  It does not need to be complicated or time-consuming.  It is much more important that you do it consistently.  The list below is a place for you to springboard from- start your own list of what does it for you.  Be sure to include items for all time frames.

Kalia’s List:
1) Go for a short run or walk.(10-20 minutes).
2) Lengthen my spine and take deep breaths into my belly, (the beauty of this is that you can do it while driving, standing in line…(1-2 minutes))
3) Take a moment to savor beautiful colors, textures, tastes, or sounds.(1-2 mins)
4) Dive into the ocean for a surf or a swim, (30-45 minutes)
5) Connect with a friend for a walk or a cup of tea, (20 minutes- 2 hours)

I hope this list has gotten your wheels turning.  The next step is to choose one thing from the list every day this Summer, (see now why having those 2 minute options are a must?!)

The trick is to not put taking care of yourself off until tomorrow –  Giving to yourself daily allows you to show up the way you want to.  If you can do one nice thing for yourself every day, you will be well on your way to sailing through the Summer feeling energized and ready for anything!

What’s on your list? Post below your ‘must-dos’ that keep you fueled.


  1. Ha! Yes, exercise has an incredibly positive effect….but nothing beats a good, long nap in the afternoon!! Thanks Kalia…Ann

    • That’s true Ann… It’s just been so long since I’ve had a nap, I almost forgot ; )

      • Kalia, your amazing yet gentle ways of reminding me inspire me daily! I have discovered walking on Thompson Road in the early morning to set my mood for the day. YES! A shot of exercise, noticing beauty, finding one thing that intrigues me to smile from my heart every day….thank you, Kalia!!
        xo, Rae

        • I love Thompson Road!!! That has always been major re-fuel for me too… such majestic beauty out there- hard not to be grateful and curious. Beautiful words- smiling from your heart- that is you.

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