How to know when it’s time to shake it up

There you are, going about your routine.

You’ve got it down, run for 20 minutes, stretch, eat something…

It’s all gotten routine, and it’s been a while now.  The honeymoon is over, as they say.

Our bodies are incredible, adaptive organisms, that have a way of getting used to what we throw them.  Sometimes, it’s  a good thing, we can handle less sleep when we have newborns, because, to a certain extent, we get used to not sleeping.  Not that we could go on forever like that, but we do adapt.

However, we also adapt to a routine.  Our muscles stop being challenged when we do the same thing all the time.  We slip into auto-pilot when there is no variation to what we are doing.  Even practicing gratitude can become ineffective if it just becomes a mindless thing that we ‘check off our list’ at the end of the day.

So what’s a girl to do?


If you workout in a flat place; find a hill, add more intensity, stop every 5 minutes and do push ups or sit ups or jumping jacks.  If gratitude is something you do every day, change the way you do it- go outside, express your gratitude with a picture or a symbol, rather than writing it down.   You could also include some other positivity boosting exercises, such as tapping into your sense of awe and wonder, or searching out ways to laugh more.

If what you are doing feels dull and ineffective, even if those things are ‘good for you’, find a way to shake it up, add some spice and sizzle.  You will feel more alive, more inspired, and more likely to continue doing fabulous things for your mind, body and spirit.

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