Get Fit for your Adventure

Are you Ready for your Ride?

Last week brought beautiful waves, and a wind that allowed us to enjoy beautiful smooth rides.  As a surfer on Maui, it was about as good as it gets.

Whatever your sport is, are you keeping yourself in condition, so that when it all lines up, you can enjoy it?  I think of Life as a sport and an adventure- I know motherhood has been the wildest ride of my life so far.  I keep myself in condition for it when I am physically fit to run with my kids; emotionally fit so I can hold them when they cry and hold the space for a bigger perspective on the hurts and trials that are part of life.

I want to be quick to laugh, and slow to judge;

Ready to jump into the deep end with both feet and a ‘woop-woop’

Able to be patient enough to recognize the gifts that surround us all, even when they are wrapped in struggle;

For me, the ocean helps me remember all of these things, and so much more.

This video made me think about the power of Life and Nature, and how precious and delicate our lives are – and again to remember, you’ve got to be fit and strong for the adventure of life. Hang on and Enjoy the Ride!

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