Setting the pace

Watching the Olympics was inspiring.

Seeing new records for speed and strength; as well as heartbreaking falls and courageous acts of sportmanship.

One of the most remarkable races I watched was the 15 year old(!!) American swimmer Katie Ledecky set the pace for the 800 m freestyle.  She went so incredibly fast- the entire time.

I couldn’t believe she could keep up that pace.

All of this made me think about the pace of our lives.

We get used to what we continually do.

If you are running around at breakneck speed all day, that becomes your new normal.  You get used to going that speed, and maybe you become used to that extra cup (or two) of coffee to get going, and that extra glass (or two) of wine to slow down.

Just for today, check your pace.  Can you keep up with the pace you have set for yourself?

Maybe you need to dial it back just a bit, maybe just for today, choose the most important three things that must get done, and celebrate when you’ve done them.

If you’re running around at an Olympic pace, but you never get the satisfaction of wearing that gold medal around your neck, someone handing your flowers, and hearing your anthem being played, then maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to take a pit stop, smell the white ginger blossoms, dance around your living room to your favorite song, or slowly sip a cup of tea.

I give you permission to wear your favorite gold necklace today- with that inner glint of gold you deserve!

Leave your favorite way to celebrate in the comments below- you could inspire someone else!

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