Why more of this is NOT a good thing…

It’s everywhere.

We can’t escape it.

The amount of information that bombards us, promises us what we want, shocks us into reading more of it…

So right now, this moment,

Take a break.

Take a breath.

Put down the information- whatever form you are consuming it in.  And walk away.

Get in nature.  Dive in the ocean, sink  your hands into the earth, wiggle your toes in the sand or the dirt or the air above you. Turn on music and move your body to the beat. Bite into a sweet, juicy strawberry.

Get out of your head and into your senses.  Allow your thoughts to be what they are, and immerse yourself in the only reality that exists right now- saturate your senses with feeling alive.

There will never be a shortage of information.

If you miss it this round, (contrary to what they may tell you), if it’s good, it will come back around.  If it’s not worth hearing, than better not to waste your time with it.

Experience this moment.  Savor the juicy richness of what surrounds you.  Explore your world for what is alive in it.   Notice what feelings this inspires in you.  Is it joy, awe, love, peace, or something else?

It can take just a minute or two, but it can alter the course of your day.

Release the overwhelm and Enjoy!

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