Are you Enough?

In our busy days, we are often so wrapped up in doing and achieving and helping…  Life comes flying at us at a dizzying pace, and we can get spun in that vortex.  We can get lost in the illusion that if we could just somehow finish “the list” or perfect the project, that we would finally have arrived, we would finally be ‘enough’.

What if you were enough right now.

Just as you are.

Without changing or finishing or fine-tuning anything?

As a mom, wife, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, friend, community member…I can get caught up in creating my identity through what I do and how well I do it.

Can you relate?  Thankfully, I’ve been able to navigate myself to a place where I no longer have to do it all perfectly- at least most of the time.  A few years ago  I was facing some really tough times with my recently launched business.  I didn’t know what to do, and I felt like a failure.  I  remember that a-ha moment when I received this simple truth.  (Of course, it came from my mother… Thanks Mom!)

What you are creating in your business is not who you are.

said another way – – You are already enough, just as you are.

So don’t go taking on the world, conquering the dragons, perfecting the art of juggling the toddler, while flipping pancakes and scheduling a meeting simultaneously- at least not to prove anything.

Let the challenges you take on be in pursuit of your passions, your Spirit and Soul.  Maybe that does include juggling, flipping and scheduling (not anyone else’s call but your own).

Know that some challenges that come will be un-chosen.  For those, just show up.  Do what you can.  Don’t try to do any of it perfectly.  Know that you are enough.

Right now, that gem inside you already exists.  Simmering and Shimmering.

The only thing to do is uncover it by letting go of the ‘shoulds’ and ”have-tos’ that have dimmed your light.

Right now, just take a breath into the idea that you are enough.

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