How to create Space when there just isn’t Time

Can there be space without time?

I’ve been wondering lately how to fit it all in.

You know what I mean, the workout, the sleep, the lunches packed, the dinner made, the house cleaned…

and oh, yeah, the business work completed.

In fact, I recently did a 21-day meditation challenge through The Chopra Center to see if I could actually make the time in my day for a seated mediation.  Now I know I’ve talked about mindfulness practices, and I do those.

I pay attention when I wash the dishes or my hands.  I smell the conditioner as I rinses through my hair.  And this helps, it really does.  It brings me into the moment- if only for a moment.

The Moment of Calm

As I moved through the 21 day challenge, creating the time for those 15 minute meditations was sometimes crazy.  Sometimes it was the last thing I did before I went to bed, and truthfully, on some days it just didn’t happen.

But here is what I noticed as the days passed by, and more often than not, I created space and time for those meditations; space opened up everywhere around me.  It’s not that there was less to do, my busy schedule was still there.  But the quality of that space had changed.  I had room in my mind.  I could see my thoughts without being exhausted by them running my mind.  I could create distance from them, which allowed way more perspective.

An Opening…

And then the challenge ended.  I was once again left to my own devices.

No one was sending me emails, offering a daily meditation if I just click a button.

And so the real work begins.  I create space, even when it doesn’t feel like there is time.

Because I know that in the small bit of time I carve away, the space becomes infinite, time becomes relative, and I get to feel the sweetness of breathing into a feeling of freedom and non-time.

Even if it’s just for a moment, and those moments string together.  To become my life.

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