De-stress with Flighting

Our bodies are incredible.

They adapt and adjust to what we give them… To a point.

Stress, when built up and chronic, leaves us tired, sick, and overweight.

The next time you feel stressed out- whether it’s from your own thoughts, or from what’s going on in your life, try this quick de-stressor.  Get your heart beating.

Grab a jump rope, find a flight of stairs and climb them,  hit the open road with your sneakers on, turn on your favorite song and dance.

Anything that makes your heart beat a little faster and makes you breath a little harder.  These are both great ways to use up those chemicals that your body produces in response to stress.  When they get used up- or metabolized- they are no longer available to go mess with other systems in your body.  The stress response can also be recognized as ‘fight or flight’, and since most of our life stressors do not require us to fight for our lives, use that ‘flight’ energy by getting your heart pumping, and your blood moving.  Five minutes can do the trick, but the real benefits come when you take the time to add at least 15 minutes or more.

Happy ‘flighting’

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