Get Moving

Isn’t it so true, that just getting going can be the hardest part?  I suppose it follows the law of intertia- ‘objects that are at rest remain at rest, objects that are in motion, remain in motion – unless acted on by on outside force’.    What is your ‘outside force’.  With our health and well-being, that force can come from our vision.  Tap into the power of that, and take a tiny little step in the direction you want to go.

Want help getting started?

Walking is so wonderful, because you do it almost anywhere, nearly anytime.  Just lace up your shoes and hit the open road.  If you tell yourself that you will just walk for 10 minutes, you may be inspired to keep going.  Even if it ends up being ‘just’ 10 minutes, it can still have a profound effect on your mood and ability to focus mentally.  10 minutes of walking has been shown to shift perspective, improve circulation, and vanquish a craving.

So, put your shoes on, and head out the door, your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it.


  1. […] Move your body every day.  When we move, whether walking, dancing, doing yoga- whatever, we increase our circulation, which helps our bodies off-load toxins, and we nourish our organs with fresh nutrients and oxygen.  When move our bodies, we also tend to deepen our breath.  Breathing is an incredible tool for detoxification, make the most of it.  Plus, it helps us stay clear in our mind and keep a good attitude. […]

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