Are you treating your well-being like ‘tabbed browsing’

I opened up my computer this morning.  My browser came up,  and I had 23 tabs open- gulp- 23, at the START of  the day.  How does that happen you may ask?  Well, it typically goes something like this; I’m a sucker for learning,  I’m  fascinated by new stories, ideas, ways of looking at health, well-being, marketing my business.   But, in my effort to actually be productive, I simply open the stories I intend to read in a new tab on my browser, with every intention to get back to it when I have a moment.

Can you guess when that moment comes?

Um, never. Yup, it sits there, and it welcomes me when I sit down at my computer.  I see all those tabs, and feel like I’m already missing out on something, like there is some piece of information in there that I must see- even if I don’t see it for another year.  You may have heard the advice for clothing, stuff that sits on your shelves, and more- if you don’t love it, or it doesn’t hold sentimental value for you- give it up.  Okay, none of my tabs fit those categories exactly, but I thought I would apply this mode of thinking to my habit of tabbed browsing.  If it does not move me to read it by the end of the day, I will close it, release it back to cyberspace.  I must trust that if I was meant to read it, it will come back to me.

And now I have a question for you.  Are you treating your health and well-being the way I treat my tabs?  Are you so intrigued with different ideas to try, different ways you could potentially have more energy or more confidence, feel more joy and satisfaction with your life?  Do you search and search for the answer, but never actually try any of the solutions you discover?  If this is you, it’s okay, I believe it’s natural for us to want to find the best answer for problems.  But when all those ideas, those potential solutions sit there, collecting dust, they do nothing for us.  You know that. I know that.  And still…

Make a choice today.  Choose one thing to do this week.  Whether it’s drinking more water, getting to sleep earlier, or finally carving out 20 minutes for a walk in the morning, choose it, schedule it, and do it!  You’ll get so much more out of doing one thing, than from thinking about doing 10 things.

Share in the comments below, what is your one thing this week?


  1. Kalia, I love your website—that banner is breathtaking, and the photo of you is sparky and uplifting to look at. Your writing is interesting and personal. You are doing a great job of showing up.
    Much aloha, Nina

    • Mahalo Nina! My husband took that photo on one of those amazing Winter days! Thank you for the feedback-
      I’ve been enjoying reading your newsletter too – Great info- and looks like you’ve got some great
      projects going- All my best to you. K

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