Connection with Others and Happines

We are responsible for 40% of our Happiness (10% is life circumstance, 50% is genetics), over a decade of research is now supporting this.  Connecting to others is an important part of that piece of Happiness we have control over.

Researchers struggle over defining “Happiness”, and some people think that pursuing something that just makes you feel good is, well, a bit fluffy, and not really something worth pursuing.

But here is the thing. The benefits of Happiness, (or Positivity, or Flourishing- pick your word), go far beyond a feeling in the moment. A short list of the benefits show that Happier people:

  • have more energy
  • are more fulfilled
  • have better and longer-lasting marriages
  • enjoy superior health
  • express more creativity in their thinking
  • are more resilient to stress

And that’s really just the start…I love this topic, partly because I have struggled through time spent at the other end of the spectrum.   I have experienced first-hand the effects of moving up the mood scale, and I can tell you, it’s worth it!

Last week, we started by looking at Connection to the present moment, which is another great strategy to try. If you missed it, you can read it here.

This week, let’s talk about Connecting with others.  We’ve already established that those days happen. The ones where it just all feels like too much, or something happens that just blows you out of the water, or even something wonderful happens? Having people in your life to talk to, to share your fears, your frustrations, and well as your dreams and achievements, can make life so much sweeter.

Here’s where you can start this week:

  • Create time for your friendships, romantic relationships, and family.  Express directly and openly how much they inspire, and add meaning to your life; and how much you admire and appreciate them for who they are.
  • Communicate openly and without judgement. Share when something feels uncomfortable, clear the air when it feels thick for any reason, and avoid jumping to conclusions about why they may have acted in a certain way- ask with an open heart.
  • Be supportive. Through good times and bad. Be there to hold them up when they need it, and celebrate their successes. We can all sometimes be reminded to celebrate!!

Where will you start? Who could you call right now, to set a date, or to just re-connect for 10 minutes?   I would love to know what you will do- “Speak your mind” below– and share with me what you will do now, or how the connections in your life make a difference.

Speak Your Mind


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