Core Strength + Great Posture = Energy

How you carry your body determines a lot when it comes to your energy.

Great posture means your body can move as it was designed to move, rather than fighting against un-natural positioning.

This video gives you three great moves to tap into your core strength.

Go through the whole video, working up to 2-3 times, 3 times per week.

Enjoy your lifted posture and way more energy!

Always remember to draw your belly button toward your spine, as if you were buttoning your favorite pair of jeans.

You have muscles that start at your spine and wrap around your waist, imagine you are coughing to feel them engage, and then practice engaging them during these moves, and also a few times every day.

Relax your shoulders.

You may have a tendency to tighten your shoulders, especially if your core is weak.

Notice when you are, shift that engagement to your core, and soften your neck and shoulders.

Got any favorite core moves?  Do this routine right now and tell me how you felt in the comments below!

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