Do you feel like you’re starting from scratch?

Sometimes, life gets in the way of our best intentions to take awesome care of ourselves.  Maybe we’ve been caring for a sick family member or friend.  Perhaps we’ve had a baby, or gone done with an illness ourselves.  Or maybe we’ve lost ourselves in our work, and come up for air after a few weeks (or months) of blowing ourselves off.

It may feel like you are starting from scratch, but remember what you’ve learned in your journey so far..

You didn’t get here overnight.  Small choices along the way got you to this point.  If you are tired or overwhelmed, feeling bad about what you’re doing, or not doing…
Just remember, it took time to get here.
Your body will respond,
Your mind will respond,

Your Spirit will respond.

You’ve just got to keep taking one little step at a time.
Or start taking one little step in the direction you want to go.

Maybe you’re impatient with what’s going on,
Or you’ve hit a bump in the road-
Life happened.

It’s probably time to re-ignite your vision, your motivation,
time to light your inner fire again

Start focusing on why it matters
to have energy,
that inner spark of Joy.

How might your mornings be different?
Your interactions with family and friends,
your level of anxiety, stress or overwhelm?

Then, look again at what little things you can do
Don’t agonize or beat yourself up over what you can’t do- that will just drain you even more.

Make a list of 3 easy things you can do that will support your energy, your confidence, your spark of happiness

(sometimes ‘doing’ means not doing – as in, choosing to REST!)

ideas to get you going:

  • Feel your vision when you first wake up, or just before you go to sleep.
  • walk around the block, or the yard once per day
  • Drink a big glass of water before anything else in the day
  • Notice when you are beating yourself up, and replace that thought with something you would tell your best friend, or your child.

Play with ideas, and then, if three feels like too much, just choose ONE thing, and do it every day for a while.  Notice how it makes you feel to give yourself this little gift every day.

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