How your body whispers

We all get complacent.

We go along our way, pushing ourselves, doing more, taking care of business, when suddenly, bam, seemingly out of the blue, our body demands that we STOP!

7 days ago, maybe it was just a hint of being tired, the faintest fogginess in the brain.

3 days ago, perhaps we woke up with a kink in our back, the pep in our step nowhere to be found.

We pushed through those signals, convinced that if we could just get through the next week, the next to-do list, the next mountain of paper or laundry or dishes…

But no, our body screams to us. When we didn’t listen to the whisper 7 days ago, or the yell 3 days ago, our body decided to get out the bullhorn and make sure we stop and listen.  Your screaming body may have symptoms all it’s own, but sometimes it’s a cold or a flu, perhaps a crippling headache or an impossible kink in your back or neck.

You know your bodies’ scream, we all do.

We just need to learn a little more about the way it whispers, or even how it yells.

My body whispers with a pinch between my shoulder blades, a slight tightness in my neck.  I also notice it gets harder to sleep at night, and I burp more, (sorry, TMI – my digestion has a voice too ; )

I’m certainly still learning this one.  When I feel healthy, I feel invincible, and when somethings not right, when my body is screaming at me, the only thing I can think about is how much I want to feel better.  “I’ll never take my health for granted” I think to myself… and then I feel better, the memory of my screaming body slowly fades.

“One who has health has a thousand wishes, one who does not, has but ONE ” ~ Anonymous

Do you know your bodies’ whisper?  I would love to know what it is- Will you share it below?

Make a list, right now, of how your body tells your things are OFF, that you need to tweak your habits, small choice by small choice.

And then notice when those things come up for you.

Listen to your body.  Sounds simple, but it sure isn’t always easy!


  1. I love your lesson on listening to how your body whispers to you. Yes! I don’t pay any mind to that whispering…or yelling…till it’s screaming. And yes, screaming sounds/feels like “I just want to feel happy, feel better again.”
    Thank you for reminding me to listen to my whispers…
    Love you!


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