The Simplest Thing

I think it’s a result of our ‘want it all right now’ mentality.

We believe our actions must be extreme and all-encompassing to make a difference.

We forget that in each moment we have a choice.

We choose what we eat, what we drink.

We choose to move or to rest.

We choose our thoughts, whether we realize we are making a choice or not.

So forget the dramatic cleanse for now; don’t worry about the extreme diet, or radical exercise plan.

Focus on the choice that is before you right now.

Decide on one simple choice you can make today that will make you feel clearer, more joyful, and more vibrant.  You could start with adding more water, going to sleep earlier, choosing look for the good in your life, or listening to what your body is telling you.

If you want to get clearer about your choices, and have fun exploring and designing your path to more energy, less stress, and a more engaging,  joy-filled  life, check out Mind Body Booty Camp– It starts next week!

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